Tax Life Skills Session: Watford FC

Published on March 9, 2022
Life Skills Session Watford FC

Last month, Sofia and Roman ran our Tax Life Skills Session for the U18 & U23 teams at Watford FC.

Some of the most common questions we have agents, parents and player care professionals call us about are tax bands, codes and benefits in kind on payslips – so that’s what we covered. We got great engagement on these topics as well as an active discussion with the players on where our taxes go, IRCs and tax on NFTs.

Tax Life Skills Session Watford FC
Sofia & Roman at Watford FC

Our Life Skills Goal

Our goal is to reach 500 U18/U23 players over the next year. If you’re interested in helping us reach our goal by running a complimentary Tax Life Skills Session at your club, please contact us at and include Tax Life Skills Session in the subject line.

Why do we run Tax Life Skills Sessions?

In 2019, findings from Deloitte’s Tax Education Gap report illustrated that there are generally low levels of tax knowledge in the UK, especially among young people. This combined with the impact financial difficulties and tax debt can have on an individual’s mental health highlights just how important tax education is for young people.

Given that tax is something that impacts everyone in the UK, we’ve created our Tax Life Skill Session to address some of the basics of tax along with specific knowledge young footballers will need for their career.

Our sessions are facilitated by our CEO, Sofia, who has ran tax education workshops for schools in South East London as well as being an expert contributor on tax for the BBC.

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