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From signing your first contract to managing your finances for future generations, we provide comprehensive tax planning and advice at every stage of your career.

Clear & responsible advice to protect your wealth

We specialise in providing clear, responsible tax advice to footballers in the top tiers of English football and the advisors that support them.  

As a boutique firm, we are exclusive with whom we work with to ensure that our clients receive a tailored, in-person approach to their tax affairs.

We’re focused on building long term relationships with our clients which is why our advisors only promote responsible tax planning and advice. We believe that the strongest relationships are built through face-to-face advice with you and your advisors.

Our team of trusted CTA and ATT qualified tax advisors are experienced in handling the complex tax situations of elite football players and high-net worth individuals.

Our clear and concise approach to tax means that we are regularly called upon by top tier law firms across the UK as a trusted advisor to their clients.  

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Client scenarios

Whenever a player makes a career move or starts planning their wealth for the future, tax will most likely be involved. We’ve provided several examples of the most common client scenarios we support our clients with to help you understand when you might need qualified tax advice.

If you need support with any of these scenarios or a more bespoke situation, you can request an assessment call by emailing us at to see if our services are right for you.

01Signing the contract

From understanding the tax implications of your first contract to setting up image rights companies, we’re here to support you.

We provide our clients with responsible tax advice and planning to help you manage your salary, club performance bonuses, personal commercial deals and other earnings as part of your new contract.

02Managing your wealth for the future

Huge numbers of elite players have been targeted by tax evasion schemes over the years and as a result have been investigated and penalised by HMRC. Unfortunately for players, it’s very rarely the promoter of these schemes that are penalised and almost always the person who invested money into the scheme.

We review any tax ‘efficiency’ scheme that our clients are being advised on to ensure that their wealth is protected in the long-term. We can review your investment or property portfolios to provide responsible tax advice that will keep you and your family’s wealth safe for future generations.

03International transfer or loan

For clients that are transferring to the UK on loan or on a permanent basis, we support with registering you for tax purposes in the UK along with preparing everything you need to be compliant with the UK tax system.  We will liaise with your advisors back home to make sure you are protected in both locations. After reviewing your information, we can plan in the most tax efficient way for you to either bring money into the UK or send it back home.

04Sponsorship deals

We support our clients to understand the current review of image rights companies and help them plan accordingly. Given the number of HMRC investigations that have been opened into footballer’s IRCs, we believe this is a complex area of tax regulation where a CTA or ATT qualified tax advisor is best positioned to advise.