Player Care Certificate – Keeley Robertson, Client Account Manager

Published on March 25, 2022
Player Care Certificate

We are delighted to share that our Client Account Manager, Keeley Robertson, has successfully been awarded a full Player Care Certificate by Hugo Scheckter from the Player Care Group.

To achieve her Player Care Certificate, Keeley completed an intensive training programme designed to provide in-depth knowledge of the player care industry. Keeley learnt about how best to support players from industry leaders, including Sue Parris and Dr Michele Di Mascio. Whilst we hope that Keeley doesn’t rush off to become a player care professional at a club, we are delighted that she has undertaken this training alongside her role.

Keeley’s Player Care Certificate from the Player Care Group

As our Client Account Manager, Keeley is the day-to-day contact for all of our players. She is dedicated to providing the best support for the players and she does this by noting when they are on international duties, when they have rest days and when they have tournaments to ensure that we are always getting in touch with them at the most appropriate times.

If players have questions about anything, such as getting a letter from HMRC or needing us to weigh in around contract negotiations, they contact Keeley (usually via Whatsapp!). Keeley then liaises with the tax team to ensure that the player has all the support they need when they need it.

Keeley is also an FA Level 1 qualified coach and has a son currently playing in the academy system; so she is pretty well versed in the highs and lows that come with training and playing. Keeley’s experience alongside her wonderful personality makes her our go-to person for our clients.

Well done Keeley on your Player Care Certificate – such a huge achievement!

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