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Our mission at Juno is to protect your wealth at every stage of your career. Tax is a complex area of the law and HMRC has drastically increased investigations into footballers and their advisors in recent years. Our award-winning team of CTA and ATT tax advisors work with our clients and their advisors to navigate the nuances of tax regulation in the UK in a responsible way that protects their wealth.

tax advice for professional footballers

We care about the financial wellbeing of our clients which is why we only provide responsible tax planning and advice.

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In 2017, HMRC created a football compliance project that collected £25m in taxes owed from professionals in the top tiers of English football within two years. The focus on the personal tax affairs of footballers will continue to be relentless as HMRC opened investigations into an additional 93 players in the 2020-21 tax year. Professional players need to ensure they have specialist tax advice to navigate the current environment and plan to protect their wealth.

At Juno, our clients only receive tax planning and advice from tax advisors accredited by the Charted Institute of Taxation and the Association of Tax Technicians. We are exclusive with whom we work with to ensure that our clients receive a tailored, in-person approach to their tax affairs. The combination of our specialist knowledge and exclusivity means that we move quickly in order to provide the advice our clients need to seize opportunities.